Entry Level Marketing Jobs

Francis Gaudu

Francis Gaudu is the owner of Strata Promotions Inc., a marketing firm -- that helps to bring their clients to the forefront of retail excellence. As a mechanical engineer, he had to learn everything from the start in the marketing sphere.

With the proper guidance and mentorship of his peers and superiors, he was catapulted into becoming one of the most effective brand ambassadors in his division. So, with his passion to teach, train, and develop, he continues to expand his brand and provide opportunities for others.

Also known for his enthusiastic personality and service for others, his success comes 2nd to the growth and betterment of others.

So, as he aspires to further his career as the president of Strata Promotions Inc. His goal is to provide a stepping stone for those who have not been granted with privileged opportunities.

  • Yannick Rolland

    Yannick Rolland

    Executive Partner

  • Jeremy Lamarche Desrosiers

    Jeremy Lamarche Desrosiers

    Executive Partner

  • Ghita Kouza

    Ghita Kouza

    Account Manager



    Account Manager

  • Eric Cody

    Eric Cody

    Account Manager

  • Felicia Siavalas

    Felicia Siavalas

    Humna Resouces