Face-to-Face Marketing | Team Development

The best way to gain customers’ attention is to involve them in a compelling brand experience. At Strata Promotions Inc., it all starts with conducting primary research to understand our clients’ products and services well. We talk to potential customers before we create a plan for them. Sometimes, we overwhelm our clients with the degree of knowledge and understanding that we have of their brand and their products.

At Strata Promotions Inc., to grow as a sales and marketing firm, we focus on the development of our team. In turn, it helps us to maximize new customer acquisition for our clients. By focusing on specialized training programs, we ensure that all our marketing associates are supported to bring the best marketing tools to all of our clients to meet their demands. Consequently, when we initiate a marketing campaign, we strive to deliver exceptional results by using fresh ideas and modern techniques such as a ‘face-to-face’ marketing approach to get optimum results. This marketing approach allows us to think outside the box and add structure to our creative thinking.