Communication Skill Development

Team Building Activities & Communication Skill Development by Québec's Premier Marketing & Sales Firm

When an individual joins our team, they become a part of a fun, energetic culture where the well-being of our clients and our team is at the heart of everything we do. No matter their role in the firm, we will listen and consider everyone’s viewpoint.

Strata Promotions Inc. is a team-driven organization where our partners work together to achieve common goals. With this concept, everyone wins - our team, our business, and our clients. Our goal is to develop a healthy competitive culture that motivates workers and allows them to have an excellent work-life balance. Apart from this, we offer challenging positions with development capabilities.

As a part of Strata Promotions Inc., we also feel that investing time and money into team-building events and activities can lead to a more open and collaborative culture. Our team nights are all about raising each other in a fun and positive light. Such events help our marketing associates to learn more about each other and even grow in their individual capacity.